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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 9, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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in womb. zz yes. stoush. i'd be with us on this edition of nice line it's not a very tense. i think the matchy and tell them. voters in tokyo had their say they've given the former cabinet minister the top jobs in the top list the league's team of sizzling has been elected governor . the we chose to go into much what i wanted the first is government
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estimate a kid that lives in the world and so i wanted to be tackled will fit is the engine and the economy all. most of all i want to make a success. the twenty twenty and olympics and paralympics where's all the ballots counted as is the one tune of one hundred and twelve thousand nine hundred and seventy nine goats mike and everything to me the place and the unions say he resigned late last year. i can tell you to understand is that twenty thousand jobs in the city of thirteen million. especially with a twenty twenty olympics on the horizon. now let's look back at how the candidates fight over this race an hq as to local come on ten points. he then became content of a nineteen twenty two now and jam think he's four year term. even the bits of green to compete in the olympics to
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the capital. he loves riding high. his fall from grace the screen. kristin some of the mining and methods of on loan from a group of crumpled bills but close enough to re signing off rundle mall again and hearing officer. sixteen candidates telling raced to the praise him. among them the skunk and has attracted the amount of attention it is that means being found guilty. still the half that a sixty five year old in two weeks in mosul and then going to govern and was destroyed in nineteen ninety nine the high profile as an academic specializing in international politics. and he served as health minister and the three prime ministers the chapters on to a limited
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the old democratic party and its coalition partner in cold lake and the coming months is a link to her supporters the tasting room. so still and now for the cpc eighteen mexican people. i'm the head of the olympics he said he wanted to picture taken at the capitol for days afterwards. the former president of japan tribulations of our associations jumped into the contest too. king due to money and was supported by the japanese coming east tiki and the social democratic party. he vows to each group will tell policy and who in clementi shoots the sommelier. he had support to people struggling with poverty and ten. amin was attended to. the most serious events of japan's air self defense force and became chief of staff into a
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compliment and see. former two term governor and it seemed the least of china. it was the book is interested in the country's defence policy support to come out on me the system and chilling some nice part of the blue. please heal social calum served as prime minister in twenty years ago. he'd taken ideas from politics in nineteen ninety eight. i'm focused on poetry and cutting cafe the capris to use the photo governorship. please put your hand to get rid of new commute on it. she had one of the new home of prime minister junichiro cleese and lee remains popular. wind seemed to have succeeded in meeting the demands of small stroke of luck this week
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the nikkei stance on improving social welfare. and bp bp and claims he said he wanted to make the summer games the fans. you probably know will need to hit the ground running. he's been stomped on and this is long more and while they may be thinking continued seven cents. the city needs to build and upgrade infrastructure for the twenty twenty olympics. i must prepare for the majors bay it takes to get to hit the team for an extra two years in each kiddo. thank you. really i senior political commentator my essay own advice and offered as this the assists on the sizzling steak terry. do you. first bus to school today to follow prime minister paul socal i tried to make nuclear power the focus of the election campaign but she failed to come up with a concretee
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created by abolishing nuclear power kosovo also failed to cooperate with all the candy to me. complaints to boost nuclear power. these two have joined foresees one nuclear power. one of them could walk the backing of another informal friend mr j joe pleasingly who remain spoken throughout the country. but even though many voters support reducing the nation's dependency on to the kenny g they prefer the candidate who are pledged more practical measures that would not hurt the economy. most of the dozen local cause the premise is planned to restart the nuclear reactors that had been deemed safe by making tips. he also says he will use his experience as health minister to make local and global lead in the carrier for the elderly
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one simple keep listing increase the number of nursing homes. he also focused on maintaining her to the world to show that opens to seven point lead. it was to make it look a second summer games. the best ever his campaign clip is one of the debate but could still pull in populations. most of the un as an independent. i miss todd and his moving the ball. by the south wanted him to be presented to the goose hunt both the and the ndp and joe incredibly high and drinks. a meeting between on the beans spilled it all off to suffering defeats in a series of local elections. ivan dollhouse and other leading defence capital one of the most important cities in asia. that's a big deal. also the a team player in the run up to the olympics
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coco and central governments must work hand in hand to make sure that preparations for the summer games proceed smoothly now i. it's time now elitism is a sneeze the japanese have set out a rag tag but not the one they were hoping for. officials are saying what's left in the current account balance is getting smaller and smaller. i havent joins us now from the business as i did my niece a toss what this all about academies of figures are calculated by adding the trade deficit of which is deeply in the red eyed and ink come from overseas investments. that's in the plot still the overseas income is being dragged down by the trade deficits and the country has reported its smallest current account surplus ever. finance ministry officials say the surplus for two thousand thirteen fell thirty one point five percent in yen terms from two thousand twelve. the figure came to
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thirty two point four billion dollars. it's the third straight annual decline. as the country's nuclear plants stayed off line increased purchases of crude oil and liquefied natural gas boosted imports the weaker yen pushed up oil and gas prices. and what japanese businesses shifting production overseas exports are growing as much as they did in the past despite the weaker yen. these data mean. japan post of its smallest current account surplus since comparable data was first compiled in nineteen eighty five. us stocks rose on friday following an improvement in the unemployment rates the dow jones and astra average closed at fifteen thousand seven hundred and ninety four again of just over one percent and the nasdaq closed at four thousand one hundred twenty five which is up one point seven percent. let's see how my kids here are opening this monday morning and for that we're going to remain on target at the tokyo stock
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exchange for me good morning what you see here in tokyo you'll enjoy it so let's go straight to the opening levels for monday. every tenth and a pretty positive start here fourteen thousand six hundred fifty four up one point three percent four of them aka now than it actually closed sharply higher on friday was up two percent however it didn't wipe out the losses resulting from a sell off earlier last week coupled with the positive momentum right now. now the recent movements really underline some of the volatility that we've seen it in the japanese stocks so far on the spot forget that the nikkei was up from fifty seven percent in two thousand thirteen. but so far this year we have seen sharp declines. and of course there's been a direct correlation between that began the movements in currency and i'll ups and downs in the nikkei. still if we do see signals from the us and china economies of that growth is on track and also the structural improvements in the financial system a bit of emerging economies. then
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we changed in light of the fed's on winding of its easy monetary up policies has seen some volatility the end of the argument is that investors may see little bit more color. coming back into the markets up but again we'll have to see more data from china and the us fight over me with such a prominent non nina on another issue that was a hard one the difference in yields between us and japanese government bonds in and that's led to volatility in currency is exactly catalog correlation between those two years you just mentioned that i bought because basically if there's concerns about the us economy faltering everybody rushes in to buy us government on heels and then the gap between the u s government calls the japanese government bonds out and arrows. which basically means the dollar becomes a little bit less attractive so everybody buys the gander. so there's some of the complexities in doubtless have a look at where we stand so far this monday. dollar yen up into port forty six to fifty one. looking ahead this week retail sales and ulcer production will be key for
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the us and european hundred and thirty nine one fifty six to sixty two. so i'll also from the usa investors will want to hear what fed chairman janet guillen says in a first test twenty two callers. some focus on not the euro as well. after the european central bank of course left rates unchanged last week but many in the market so we'll re won a seat. for the economic data in europe but check out the ecb stands on rates of whether it's correct or not markets always check those things. also china markets are fully up and running right now check asian indexes although this us cpi data in china at the end of the week which made he confesses to live and silent but still we're on a positive start here for the week lets you thinking. continued on into the rest of the week i packed it. however maintains a lot for it that updates. japan's major beer makers are boosting alpaca they expect beer drinkers to buy more of their favorite beverage before the attacks. the sales tax goes up in april. asahi
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breweries plans to produce about twenty percent more beer in march compared with a year earlier. tearing hurry and century are planning to raise output by between ten to twenty percent. officials at major beer makers predicts sales in march will increase by about ten percent from a year earlier. they expect consumers will stockpile the year prior to the tax hike but the forecast flounder sales in april. and here's a quick look at global economic calendar for this week. first in ten eighty on will testify at a congressional panel on tuesday for the first time as fed chair. my kids are waiting for clues about how much the us central bank will pay for its ongoing program data on japan's machinery orders for december will be released on wednesday. this key indicator of corporate capital investment climbed in november to the highest level since the two thousand to eight global financial crisis the bit of england on wednesday will release its latest quarterly inflation
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report the report comes out amid speculation that the british central bank may raise interest rates due to recent improvement in the labor market. the deal you will also release the forecast on unemployment the us commerce department on thursday will be leased retail sales data for january sales edged up zero point two percent in december from november showing slow growth despite the holiday shopping season. finally will find out on friday how china is doing on the price for its wind the consumer price index for january is released last year the cpi rose a moderate two point six percent from two thousand twelve. more in the business headlines next hour is another attack on the markets. the i mean
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the japan are noticing a tasty trending communities across the country. the so called farm markets are sprouting up. there were seventeen thousand of them at last count as ms love's a cheaper prices and the french audience. maggie's of one my kids have found a way to ensure their apples or even crisp air and greens. eating clean. every year more than a million people fall into this
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car parking for two million north of tokyo. this is one of japan's busiest foreign markets. let's hear it sold over five million dollars with the prudence. just you try to get fried vegetables all sourced from one to three pt local farms the baked rice price. most items cost ten percent less than an ordinary supermarket is this really is. there's such a great variety of shopping many different places. i always end up coming back here the secret to the market success. great selection of produce that literally farm fresh. nothing is left to chance. each purchase is montana headlines that can't register. he is concerned to read to suppliers. farmers themselves he kinda supplies more than thirty varieties of vegetables to the market. in
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the fields. she spoke in blue it's from the wa market the peach farmer gets deal on their sales sent to them by text message once an hour. he punches the present ingredients. if someone's really. right away that even start schooling or more if the greens. she and her husband lay them in bunches and then rushed over to the market. this is how the market always keeps its produce fresh. i just didn't supply to meet demand in real time it seems the corner it's really encouraging to see how much i've sold each day it's great. this just in time supply system was set up by the markets manager is it
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about small town. smoltz who has overseen a sharp rise in business. the stride years a number of visitors has risen by over twenty five percent the summit and sometimes we try to look at it from the customer's point of view given the service they want we're always looking to improve the way we do things there's another factor that helps to motivate the farmers the market lets the growers have their own prices for their produce. it takes just fifteen percent commission everything else comes to farmers. all farmers coordinate closely with the market stand in deciding which vegetables to grow warriors only cause us to assist in age between december twenty seventh on the thirty first we were about three am to give a short and juvenile the stock
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market on the whole time thinking of selling some after my tomatoes. you try putting two or three hundred square meters. that should be about right. holding regular meetings like this has changed with the farmers think about their crops michael collapse and they started working the land something years ago now grows six kinds of carrots. most of these are new for me. he never thought of before. even better. it's really fun coming up with new products to sell the few ways to create a market for them susan's and more. i think the producers feel much more involved as participants in this business. from the field to market and then straight to customers. it's an approach that works for everyone. i knew. i know
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athletes at the windchill a day since archie are finally getting to compete in events they went to a slinky it's a lot of medals and eight events on sunday at the games in such a. this isn't competing for the first time at the olympics for medals in the team and that's sixty years. one male one female one pad and then i dance couple make that each team awarded for each routine that team with the most points at the end wins a gold this time that went to skaters from russia. they won the first gold for the host country. pietersen had that takes over. and this from the united states. the bronze the japanese team that finished fifth. we're also on the ice in the women's three thousand meters events. irene
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was a benevolence one goal she also finished their set that is as in six games in ten. but tsn the calm of the czech republic takes innovation won the gold at the games forty years ago in vancouver. all the graphs of rush hour stated that we eat with the browns. fan. all schools were on the slopes to the most awful pole and finished on top and men's normal hill ski jumping. it didn't have that sense of it yet take this pill that. i'm just tired of norway's the bronze. the athletes competed in one of the nose followed events in the games the men's downhill ninety s money and austria clinched the gold. instead they never found in the team in second he finished just six one hundredths of a second behind my . justin doesn't end of the norway took the bronze
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and snow but instead they hear it and not the new events the women's and slopes down james anderson and the us one that though. any new identity of the antique silver and jenny jones and great britain the bronze cross country skiers hit the trails diary and cooling and switzerland outlasted his rivals in the men's thirty km gas line. he also won gold in nature than the fifteen km free base. like is how the sleeve and one silver this time around munching on sunday and standard of norway took the bronze. female athletes competed in the seven point five km sprint triathlon on. i miss fresh in his mane of slovakia one go. on the go t know much at stake silva and any descendants of the ukraine a bronze. and in the men's luge event the league's local from
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germany one go. albert dench and go from russia and the silva. and i mean sink and italy. the grunts. and lot more from saatchi as athletes compete for medals throughout the day it's a sign of a tag under the weather committed to getting to work or school to slash and i nice meaty ideas that the weight of this more in the world buyback. he is stepping up the leftover shall receive the southeast eric k on saturday for many residents and the conduct of the same. katie is snowing they can spell in many places news. i know that in very good defense for snow lovers and the kids but actually not good news for many travelers in fact i train services for holistic and many flights were canceled and several people were killed due to snow related accidents in force on the thirteen hundred people cut into it but took a half at about twenty seven centimeters of snow
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accumulation that was the third heaviest no political experience the number one snowfall was at thirty thirty centimeters nature the nineteen sixty nine in nineteen fifty four ellie was an ma in sunny yesterday said most of the snow has melted but still about ten centimeters of snow is on the ground and the cooking area. q but you have the eighty three centimeters of snow and how fun it is still on the ground now the heavy snow maker is now located east of the hokkaido still providing policeman conditions. they'll be continuing into the next several hours now wonderfully sign of the continent's millie speaking out across the toe and a hokkaido region after twenty or twenty five centimeters of snow is likely and daddy went once again over the pacific coast of western japan and some snow and sleet is about the snow is almost on the link list the report must show your hand. still felonies. i said that china as well sharing how bad the situation is take a look at the bdo. ty is aware there are very easy shoot dollars
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for heidi's no one believes areas in parts of the country over the weekend. dozens of fines for him daily and several highways reclusive due to a nice snow and sleet will continue the intensity province in southern china which will be embarrassed like winter snowfall is good for the province where precipitation has been scarce for months. but moses nine has a nice ice and snow is still echoing across the eastern areas including shanghai area temperatures and charm. i could be about forty degrees for the trees as well and sell and sunny weather will come back and kept sending the case. it's partly sunny skies. our ideas continue to talk about snow showers we have a filmmaker over at this area over northern california providing some snow in the mountains across the sea air as an oh so thin that benefit show grateful for the coastal areas. i mean that the island and under the system will be moving into the north west providing high the snow fall from me on monday going in here to stay and villas in areas of snow woman dating a lemon into the next couple of
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spaces to vista but our goal and just look at very high across the northern and central rockies. it's based on extremely low temperatures increase in the southern areas of the u s still rainy season free seen rain and heavy snow showers in eastern texas and to joyce yet the new monday going into your to stay and to the north moderate snow on the katrina off in the next several hours across the north eastern us and sunshine will come back across the dark in washington d c but temperatures in much the lord and with this due to this and i feared extremely cold across the heart of the us and canada and the kids minus twelve the crease with high despite the sunshine in chicago and we need and twenty one degrees below zero with sunny skies aren't that from now on a texas judge read a book i wound. and. i don't. sth. as
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i think this is the sin of me signing casting man she says
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the us
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